Sunday, July 27, 2008

As I said before, I've been picking up the pencil again and doodling. One of my recent creations is this devil girl. Cute and sweet with a devilish side, I've immortalized this beauty as Shrinky Dink  earrings  and she's for sale at my Etsy shop. Isn't she lovely? 

I've been busy at work and with my jewelry. I did a craft show at  Freshy's Coffee in West Seattle last weekend. It was the annual HiYu parade and I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Homemade Art Brigade. I didn't make as many sales as I had hoped but I did ok. It got me off my lazy butt to make some new earrings so for that, it was worth it. Arrrgh. And the pirates too. Who can't resist a pirate with a loaded cannon? 

After the show I drove to the beach to take in a little bit of sun and to enjoy the gorgeous view. I had my camera with me but like a dumb ass, I forgot that I had taken out the batteries to be charged. Even if I had  had batteries, I had also left my memory card at home. It just wasn't my day but trust me, the view was absolutely amazing! 

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I hate online ads. This particular one is disturbing. It is animated and the presidents actually dance (this is only a jpeg so my guys are just posing, trust me, I'm doing you a favor). I don't know what a tap dancing George Washington or Abraham Lincoln has to do with selling car insurance but they were dancing on my screen a few minutes ago. I've seen some bizarro ads online but this one takes the cake. The fact that somebody gets paid to design this crap blows my mind.

I think the worst ads are the ones advertising movies that hold your screen hostage for several seconds and won't immediately let you close them. They are almost always covering up what I want to read and they make me go bonkers (though that's not a long journey on most days). Apparently the concept, Less is More, went out the window years ago.

Monday, July 07, 2008

I know it's been ages since my last post. I'd like to say it's because I've been so busy living a wild and fabulous life but I'd be lying. I have been busy working my two jobs and keeping up with my Etsy shop. I've also been selling my fabulous goods at a cool little shop in downtown Renton, WA called Happy Delusions. I'm a little behind but I will eventually post pictures of my proud little space. 

When I'm not busy coming up with new ideas for earrings or working so that I don't have to live in a box on the corner with my two kitties, I doodle. I find that the more I draw, the better I get. I was not blessed with that art gene where the talent comes with little effort. I have to practice, practice, practice. I've come up with some illustrations in the past few weeks that I'm extremely proud of and will be working on more in the upcoming weeks. For now, I'll post my sexy one-eyed pirate girl named Bennie (after Pat Benatar). Once I take pics, I'll be posting my Bennie earrings, brooch and necklace on my online shop

Stay tuned and I promise I won't let another seven months go by before I post again...