Sunday, July 27, 2008

As I said before, I've been picking up the pencil again and doodling. One of my recent creations is this devil girl. Cute and sweet with a devilish side, I've immortalized this beauty as Shrinky Dink  earrings  and she's for sale at my Etsy shop. Isn't she lovely? 

I've been busy at work and with my jewelry. I did a craft show at  Freshy's Coffee in West Seattle last weekend. It was the annual HiYu parade and I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Homemade Art Brigade. I didn't make as many sales as I had hoped but I did ok. It got me off my lazy butt to make some new earrings so for that, it was worth it. Arrrgh. And the pirates too. Who can't resist a pirate with a loaded cannon? 

After the show I drove to the beach to take in a little bit of sun and to enjoy the gorgeous view. I had my camera with me but like a dumb ass, I forgot that I had taken out the batteries to be charged. Even if I had  had batteries, I had also left my memory card at home. It just wasn't my day but trust me, the view was absolutely amazing! 

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